Bedre EDB Programmer, AU-Herning okt. 85

Title Bedre EDB Programmer, AU-Herning okt. 85
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 20160416


A disk with various educational software, including IDAM Idtrætsstævneprogram (sport educational management) and BRØKER (a tutorial on fractions). Some minor tools are also included.



Figure 1: Boot

Figure 2: Menu

Figure 3: CSVDEMO, empty form

Figure 4: CSVDEMO, filled form

Figure 5: IDAM v. 0.2 Idrætsstævneprogram, start screen

Figure 6: IDAM v. 0.2 Idrætsstævneprogram, menu

Figure 7: Brøker, af Benght Meyer, august 1985, Amtscentralen Herning, Demoversion 1.1

Figure 8: Brøker, description

Figure 9: Brøker, ''This is a fraction''\

Figure 10: Brøker, explanation of numerator

Figure 11: Brøker, explanation of denominator

Figure 12: Brøker, examples of fractions

Figure 13: Brøker, write the missing name for 1/5

Figure 14: Brøker, message for the user after entering the correct answer

Figure 15: Brøker, more examples of fractions

Figure 16: Brøker, explanation on how to enter fractions using the slash-symbol

Figure 17: Brøker, ''You've found the right key''

Figure 18: Brøker, notes on notation of fractions using the /-symbol

Figure 19: Brøker, after entering the missing word ''brøkstreg''

Figure 20: Brøker, explanation of proper fractions

Figure 21: Lysavis, a program for making a moving message sign

Figure 22: Menu (last page)

Figure 23: Directory listing

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