Software on 5.25" floppy disks


This page contains system software, games and applications for the RC579 PICCOLINE. Most of the software is available as raw 1.2MB floppy disk images which can be written to 5.25" floppy disks for use on a real RC759 or used as virtual floppy disks in the RC759 emulator.

A guide describing how to read and write RC759 floppy disks is on the way and will be available soon.

Unless noted otherwise, the software is intended to be run under Concurrent CP/M-86 3.1 but might run on other versions of CP/M-86. Most of the software is available as bootable floppy images and will boot up the required operating system automatically.

The list of software for the RC759 on this website is quite small compared to what was available at the time, the RC759 was in use. We are constantly searching for more software on working floppy disks.

If you have any software on floppy disks (original or not) made for (or compatible with) the RC759 PICCOLINE, you are very welcome to send us your floppies. After reading, we will return your floppy disks. Please send an e-mail to

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