This site is created and maintained by Peter and Søren Haagerup. We are brothers born in 1987 and 1989, and therefore, we did not experience the prime time of the PICCOLINE ourselves.

Our first encounter with the RC759 PICCOLINE was in the after-school center at our elementary school in the years 1995-1997. The computers had been obsoleted for educational purposes by some newer IBM-based systems, and were in its final days destined to amusing children during their spare time, in their early years of schooling.

Our experience with the computers involved making graphical drawings using the COMAL80 language, and programming with PolyPascal for different purposes.

By the time we grew too old for the after-school center, they handed over the computers to us, since nobody else knew how to operate them. Since then, they have been collecting dust for many years, until around 2011 where we started working with them again. We figured out how to read and write files to the floppy disks, and now in 2012 we are pursuing the goal of getting an emulator for the machine.

We will be pleased to recieve comments on haagerup@gmail.com.