Concurrent DOS 5 for the RC759

Title Concurrent DOS 5 for the RC759
Categories Operating Systems
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 20160416


Concurrent DOS 5.0 by Digital Research for the RC759 PICCOLINE in Danish. These disks are very likely original as they were originally distributed. Disk 1 contains various system maintenance tools, like a program for formatting floppy disks, viewing and changing various system parameters etc. Bootable floppy disk image. Disk 2 contains network related tools for DRNET 1.2. Bootable floppy disk image. Disk 3 contains various tools for manipulating DOS-formatted disks along with a message system and modem related utilities.



Figure 1: Boot of disk 1

Figure 2: Installation menu

Figure 3: Floppy Disk Maintenance

Figure 4: Configuration of system parameters

Figure 5: Identification of hardware expansions

Figure 6: Configuration of disk system

Figure 7: Directory listing of disk 1

Figure 8: Enabling GSX Graphics System Extension

Figure 9: System shutdown, listing running programs

Figure 10: Boot of disk 2

Figure 11: Directory listing of disk 2

Figure 12: Directory listing of disk 3

Figure 13: Besked menu (for some kind of message system)

Figure 14: POSTHUS (Post office)

Figure 15: POSTHUS, trying to view a list of messages

Figure 16: Linklayer statistic reporting an interrupt (no network installed?)

Figure 17: Running various network tools and DOS file system tools

Figure 18: Modem related tool (Programstyring af modem)

Figure 19: Modem control options

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