PICCOLINE Distributionssystem v. 2.3

Title PICCOLINE Distributionssystem v. 2.3
Categories Operating Systems
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 20160416


These four floppy disks were originally supplied with the RC759 PICCOLINE and contains a Danish version of Concurrent CP/M-86 version 3.1 along with other system software from Regnecentralen, including RcComal80 and RcTekst. Disk 1: A bootable floppy that includes all necessary system material to generate a basic CCP/M-86 3.1 system floppy. Tools for verifying and formatting floppy disks are also supplied. This disk also includes RcComal80. Disk 2: This floppy is needed in order to generate CCP/M 3.1 system floppy disks with network support. Disk 3: Includes 8 different configurations of CCP/M 3.1 for the RC759 PICCOLINE. This floppy is used for generating specialized system disks. Programpakke: This disk includes RcTekst, the word processor by RC Computer (Regnecentralen).


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