GSX Programming with PolyPascal

Søren Haagerup, March 2013

In this guide, we will show how to write Pascal programs utilizing GSX for the Piccoline.

Prepare a floppy disk

We need the following files on the floppy:

We have made it all available as an disk image for you to download: GSX_PolyPascal_Example.img.bz2

Write a Pascal program requiring graphics

Here, we have implemented the program on page 9 of Piccolinien 04/1985. This is saved as test.pas (also included on the disk).

How to run the program

Figure 1. Start the graphics

Figure 2. Start PolyPascal

Screenshots from the sample program

Figure 3. Initialize parameters

Figure 4. Waiting screen

Figure 5. A nice drawing

Edit the source

Edit the source by typing edit in the PolyPascal shell. Leave the edit environment by Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D.

Figure 6. Edit mode of PolyPascal