Title Astrobasen
Categories High School, Higher Education and Science
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Donated by Sct. Knuds Gymnasium, Odense


Astronomy software by Henry Nørgaard, written in RcComal80. Intended for use in physics/astronomy high school education. This bootable floppy includes Concurrent DOS although Concurrent CP/M-86 should be sufficient.



Figure 1: Main menu

Figure 2: Astronomy menu

Figure 3: Help, page 1

Figure 4: Help, page 2

Figure 5: Help, page 3

Figure 6: Compute positions of planets on a given day

Figure 7: Date set to 2019-08-16

Figure 8: List of positions and rise/set times

Figure 9: Compute table or figure of planetary data

Figure 10: Figure with planetary data plotted

Figure 11: Table with planetary data listed

Figure 12: Moons of Jupitor

Figure 13: Mercury (Ecliptic coordinate system)

Figure 14: Horoscope generator

Figure 15: Typing in name, date and time of birth and birthplace

Figure 16: Planetary data corresponding to the entered data

Figure 17: Horoscope text

Figure 18: End screen

Figure 19: Directory listing

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