Concurrent DOS 5 for the RC759

Title Concurrent DOS 5 for the RC759
Categories Operating Systems
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


Concurrent DOS 5.0 by Digital Research for the RC759 PICCOLINE in Danish. These disks are very likely original as they were originally distributed. Disk 1 contains various system maintenance tools, like a program for formatting floppy disks, viewing and changing various system parameters etc. Bootable floppy disk image. Disk 2 contains network related tools for DRNET 1.2. Bootable floppy disk image. Disk 3 contains various tools for manipulating DOS-formatted disks along with a message system and modem related utilities.



Figure 1: Boot of disk 1

Figure 2: Installation menu

Figure 3: Floppy Disk Maintenance

Figure 4: Configuration of system parameters

Figure 5: Identification of hardware expansions

Figure 6: Configuration of disk system

Figure 7: Directory listing of disk 1

Figure 8: Enabling GSX Graphics System Extension

Figure 9: System shutdown, listing running programs

Figure 10: Boot of disk 2

Figure 11: Directory listing of disk 2

Figure 12: Directory listing of disk 3

Figure 13: Besked menu (for some kind of message system)

Figure 14: POSTHUS (Post office)

Figure 15: POSTHUS, trying to view a list of messages

Figure 16: Linklayer statistic reporting an interrupt (no network installed?)

Figure 17: Running various network tools and DOS file system tools

Figure 18: Modem related tool (Programstyring af modem)

Figure 19: Modem control options

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