Dansk værktøj, version 1.0

Title Dansk værktøj, version 1.0
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


This bootable disk contains two programs intended to be used in elementary education in the Danish language. The programs are "Trykkeri" (printing press) and "Forside" (front cover). The first program can be used to print text in a graphical way (prettyprint). The second program allows the user to draw various primitve objects such as lines and rectangles in order to design a front cover for the text. Both programs are distributed by Programdatateket from Viborg Municipality and are created by Ebbe Raun. Trykkeri is version 1.0 with serial number 87-981481-880105-01. Forside is version 1.0 with serial number 87-981481-880105-01.



Figure 1: Boot

Figure 2: Waiting screen

Figure 3: Splash screen from Programdatateket, Viborg amtskommune

Figure 4: Menu, listing the two programs Trykkeri (printing press) and Forside (front cover)

Figure 5: Splash screen for the program Trykkeri (by Ebbe Raun)

Figure 6: Test of Trykkeri

Figure 7: Help menu for Trykkeri

Figure 8: File listing in Trykkeri

Figure 9: Loading another Trykkeri-file, part 1

Figure 10: Loading another Trykkeri-file, part 2

Figure 11: The new text loaded into Trykkeri

Figure 12: Exiting Trykkeri

Figure 13: Trykkeri exiting - Saving the dictionary

Figure 14: Splash screen for the program Forside (by Ebbe Raun)

Figure 15: Information about the program Forside

Figure 16: Help menu for Forside

Figure 17: Trying to load an image into Forside

Figure 18: Forside reports that there is no images on the disk

Figure 19: Drawing a line in Forside, part 1

Figure 20: Drawing a line in Forside, part 2

Figure 21: Drawing a rectangle in Forside

Figure 22: Inverted a part of the image in Forside

Figure 23: Information about the program Trykkeri

Figure 24: Directory listing

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