Demo 1 - Demonstrationsdiskette - HI-Messen 1984

Title Demo 1 - Demonstrationsdiskette - HI-Messen 1984
Categories Games, Elementary School Educational Software, Miscellaneous
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


A demo disk with various games, educational software, graphics and sound. The disk seems to be created for HI-Messen 1984 to demonstrate the capability of the RC PICCOLINE. Games includes Reversi, Pingpong (a Breakout clone) and a Geography game. Educational software includes a food energy calculator (KOST), a statistics program (STATISTIK), a multiplication table trainer (TABEL), simulation of population growth (BEFOLK) and OHM, an Ohm's law training program. Also included is a melody player that can play a few tunes and a few programs that draws curves on the screen. The disk does not seem to boot up like it should and there are other issues with missing files. The disk is probably not original.



Figure 1: Main menu

Figure 2: Directory listing

Figure 3: Curves

Figure 4: Menu for examples of Comal80 programs on the RC PICCOLINE

Figure 5: Main menu in yellow colors

Figure 6: More curves

Figure 7: Musikspilleprogrammet (program that plays music)

Figure 8: Melody chooser in Musikspilleprogrammet

Figure 9: KOST, a food energy calculation program

Figure 10: Geografi-spil (Geography game, guess a country)

Figure 11: Example of gameplay in the geography game

Figure 12: Another example of gameplay in the geography game

Figure 13: Reversi (called Othello in the menu)

Figure 14: Game difficulty setting in Pingpong (a Breakout clone)

Figure 15: Pingpong gameplay

Figure 16: More Pingpong gameplay

Figure 17: Menu in the program Statistik (statistics program)

Figure 18: The program Statistik asking if a teacher guide is to be shown

Figure 19: Question after choosing Hyppighed in the menu of the Statistik program

Figure 20: First exercise in Hyppighed in the Statistik program

Figure 21: Entering data into the Statistik program

Figure 22: After entering data into the Statistik program

Figure 23: Statistik program asking the user if he/she would like more exercises

Figure 24: Teachers part of the Statistik program

Figure 25: Tabeltræning (training in multiplication tables)

Figure 26: Tabeltræning, redoing bad answers

Figure 27: Tabeltræning, more exercises

Figure 28: Ohms lov (Ohm's law)

Figure 29: Ohm's law, calculating the current through a resistor

Figure 30: Ohm's law, calculating the restistance with know voltage and current

Figure 31: Ohm's law, exit screen saying 'Thanks for today!'

Figure 32: BEFOLKNING, Simulation of population growth, choose a country

Figure 33: BEFOLKNING, missing files

Figure 34: Starting GSX and the Comal80 program 'kurve1'

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