Demo 2 - DEMO version 1.0

Title Demo 2 - DEMO version 1.0
Categories Games, Miscellaneous
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


A demo disk with various games, graphics and sound. Games includes Reversi, Pingpong (a Breakout clone), Tic-tac-toe, Kalaha, Battleship, number/animal/country guessing games. Also included are various graphics, animations and melody playing software. The disk is bootable and pressing F2 after boot brings up the main menu.



Figure 1: Boot, part 1

Figure 2: Boot, part 2

Figure 3: Main menu, listing Games, Drawings and Music

Figure 4: Games menu

Figure 5: Labyrint (a 3D maze game), choosing a maze size

Figure 6: Labyrint, waiting while the maze is generated

Figure 7: Labyrint gameplay 1

Figure 8: Labyrint gameplay 2

Figure 9: Labyrint gameplay 3

Figure 10: Labyrint gameplay 4

Figure 11: Labyrint gameplay 5

Figure 12: Fem på stribe (Reversi/Othello)

Figure 13: Tænk på et tal/gæt et tal (Think of a number/guess a number)

Figure 14: Tænk på et tal/gæt et tal, gameplay

Figure 15: Tænk på et tal/gæt et tal, more gameplay

Figure 16: Tænk på et tal/gæt et tal, even more gameplay

Figure 17: Instructions for the game Pingpong, a Breakout clone

Figure 18: Pingpong gameplay

Figure 19: More Pingpong gameplay

Figure 20: New level in Pingpong after completing the first level

Figure 21: Instructions for the game Kalaha (also called Kalah or Mancala)

Figure 22: Kalaha gameplay

Figure 23: More Kalaha gameplay

Figure 24: Gameover in Kalaha

Figure 25: Othello (Reversi) instructions

Figure 26: Othello gameplay

Figure 27: More Othello gameplay

Figure 28: Instructions for the game 'Sænke slagskibe' (Battleship)

Figure 29: Gameplay in 'Sænke slagskibe'

Figure 30: More gameplay in 'Sænke slagskibe'

Figure 31: Loosing in 'Sænke slagskibe'

Figure 32: The game 'Enarmet tyveknægt' (a slot machine simulator)

Figure 33: More gameplay in 'Enarmet tyveknægt'

Figure 34: Even more gameplay in 'Enarmet tyveknægt'

Figure 35: Even more gameplay in 'Enarmet tyveknægt'...

Figure 36: More games in the games menu

Figure 37: Gameplay 'Tænk på et dyr' (think of an animal)

Figure 38: The geography game 'Tænk på et land'

Figure 39: Gameplay in the geography game

Figure 40: The game 'X og O' (Tic-tac-toe)

Figure 41: The CPU winning in 'X og O'

Figure 42: The player winning in 'X og O'

Figure 43: Menu of Drawings, demo of graphics capabilities

Figure 44: Danmarkskort (map of Denmark)

Figure 45: PICCOLINE-tegnefilm (PICCOLINE cartoon)

Figure 46: PICCOLINE-tegnefilm, part 2

Figure 47: PICCOLINE-tegnefilm, part 3

Figure 48: En dansk kirke (a Danish church)

Figure 49: En dansk kirke (after some time have passed)

Figure 50: Sløjfer (loops), part 1

Figure 51: Sløjfer (loops), part 2

Figure 52: TV-billeder (TV pictures), part 1

Figure 53: TV-billeder, part 2

Figure 54: TV-billeder, part 3

Figure 55: Figurer (figures), part 1

Figure 56: Figurer (figures), part 2

Figure 57: Figurer (figures), part 3

Figure 58: Figurer (figures), part 4

Figure 59: Figurer (figures), part 5

Figure 60: Øje (eye), part 1

Figure 61: Øje (eye), part 2

Figure 62: Menu of Drawings, part 2

Figure 63: Udfyldte cirkler (filled circles)

Figure 64: Menu of Drawings, part 3

Figure 65: Lyserød panter (The Pink Panther), part 1

Figure 66: Lyserød panter (The Pink Panther), part 2

Figure 67: Sierpinski

Figure 68: Sinuskurve (sine curve), part 1

Figure 69: Sinuskurve (sine curve), part 2

Figure 70: Music menu

Figure 71: After choosing a melody

Figure 72: Playing 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd

Figure 73: Directory listing

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