Den fortryllede telefon

Title Den fortryllede telefon
Categories Games, Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


A graphical adventure inspired by or ported from the BBC Micro. The Danish title translates to "The Spellbound Telephone". The software is version 1.1, made by Jacob Hoffmann and distributed by Programdatateket, Viborg municipality, with permission from MAPE (Micros and Primary Education, Sudbroke, England). Serial number is 87-981481-891128-01. The disk is bootable.



Figure 1: Boot

Figure 2: Splash screen from Programdatateket, Viborg amtskommune

Figure 3: Start screen for 'Den fortryllede telefon' (The spellbound telephone)

Figure 4: Info screen - the program is converted from BBC Micro to PICCOLINE by Jacob Hoffmann

Figure 5: Main menu of the game

Figure 6: Introduction to the game

Figure 7: 'The telephone rings. Would you answer it?

Figure 8: 'You answer the phone...' something about a witch capturing the nice wizard...

Figure 9: 'The witch stole the treasure...'

Figure 10: 'Thanks. Look at the map on the spellbound telephone and tell me what to do.'

Figure 11: A compass/direction indicator is introduced

Figure 12: 'I'm in the countryside. I can see trees and in the background there is hills.'

Figure 13: 'Paths goes north, south, east and west. Which path should I choose?'

Figure 14: 'I can see a dark cave. Should I go inside?'

Figure 15: 'I'm in a pitch black cave. It is moist and damp.'

Figure 16: 'I am outside a house with a white door.'

Figure 17: 'I have found Rum-Ras and Hoppe-Hans'.

Figure 18: 'I asked Rum-Ras for help and he rose to the sky in a weird way.'

Figure 19: 'I stand beneath a tree. I can see a basket. There is a huge snake here.'

Figure 20: 'I am at a dead end. I hope what happened to Bille does not happen to me.'

Figure 21: 'I am in a clearing close to a steep hill.'

Figure 22: Directory listing

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