Title Dialog-systemet
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Authors Gunnar Lund


A graphical language training software for Danish, English and German. The software consists of various exercising such as typing words by finding the first letter of various words depicted on the screen, or drawing scenes by typing what objects to draw. The program is programmed by Gunnar Lund from Vejle, Denmark. The disk is not bootable and therefore probably not original.



Figure 1: Directory listing

Figure 2: Disk Menu

Figure 3: Manually starting graphics

Figure 4: Menu of Dialog-systemet

Figure 5: Danish part of the program, menu of exercises

Figure 6: Teacher types the words that the student should exercise

Figure 7: Find the first letter of the word that the picture corresponds to

Figure 8: The first letter of 'glas' is g (glass), the first letter of 'ur' is 'u' (watch)

Figure 9: 'L' for 'løve' (lion)

Figure 10: 'E' for 'elefant' (elephant)

Figure 11: 'P' for 'pibe' (pipe)

Figure 12: 'O' for 'ost' (cheese)

Figure 13: 'Å' for 'ål' (eel)

Figure 14: Now the words are completed (carrot, cucumber, liver pâté, red cabbage)

Figure 15: English part of the program, menu of exercises

Figure 16: 'The house' was chosen and was built incorrectly (wrong order of elements)

Figure 17: The student must write the name of the elements in the correct order

Figure 18: The house looks finished but it is not!

Figure 19: Trying to add two chimneys...

Figure 20: Almost done, but something is missing

Figure 21: The stairs was missing!

Figure 22: Exiting the program

Figure 23: Directory listing

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