PICCOLINE Distributionssystem v. 2.3

Title PICCOLINE Distributionssystem v. 2.3
Categories Operating Systems
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-16
Donated by Skt. Klemensskolen, Odense


These four floppy disks were originally supplied with the RC759 PICCOLINE and contains a Danish version of Concurrent CP/M-86 version 3.1 along with other system software from Regnecentralen, including RcComal80 and RcTekst. Disk 1: A bootable floppy that includes all necessary system material to generate a basic CCP/M-86 3.1 system floppy. Tools for verifying and formatting floppy disks are also supplied. This disk also includes RcComal80. Disk 2: This floppy is needed in order to generate CCP/M 3.1 system floppy disks with network support. Disk 3: Includes 8 different configurations of CCP/M 3.1 for the RC759 PICCOLINE. This floppy is used for generating specialized system disks. Programpakke: This disk includes RcTekst, the word processor by RC Computer (Regnecentralen) along with RcComal80 sample programs, like LABYRINT (3D maze).



Figure 1: Boot

Figure 2: Installation and configuration menu

Figure 3: Floppy maintainance

Figure 4: Floppy verification

Figure 5: Configuration of system parameters

Figure 6: Configuration of V.24 port (iSBX 351) serial port

Figure 7: Configuration of monitor (cursor, color, etc.)

Figure 8: Configuration of date and time

Figure 9: Configuration of floppy drives and RAM-disk

Figure 10: Configuration of local area network (LAN)

Figure 11: Choosing character set of screen printer

Figure 12: Choosing installed iSBX module

Figure 13: Configuration of graphics and console

Figure 14: Contents of the graphics file ASSIGN.SYS

Figure 15: Configuration of startup file

Figure 16: Generation of a new system diskette

Figure 17: Directory listing of disk 1

Figure 18: Directory listing of disk 2

Figure 19: The program NETVEDL (Network configuration)

Figure 20: Network client configuration

Figure 21: Network server configuration

Figure 22: Network client/server configuration

Figure 23: Directory listing of disk 3

Figure 24: Menu system of disk 3 (choice of operating system=

Figure 25: Directory listing of the disk Programpakke (applications)

Figure 26: Word processing menu (RcTekst)

Figure 27: Directory listing of Comal80 programs

Figure 28: Loading the sample program LABYRINT (MAZE)

Figure 29: Configuration of the maze

Figure 30: LABYRINT gameplay, part 1

Figure 31: LABYRINT gameplay, part 2

Figure 32: LABYRINT gameplay, part 3

Figure 33: LABYRINT gameplay, part 4

Figure 34: Partial listing of the Comal80 program SKALA (musical scale)

Figure 35: RcTekst 1.3, main screen

Figure 36: RcTekst 1.3, file administration

Figure 37: RcTekst 1.3, directory listing

Figure 38: RcTekst 1.3, word processing test

Figure 39: RcTekst 1.3, guide

Figure 40: RcTekst 1.3, function keys

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