EDB-kort RcComal

Title EDB-kort RcComal
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


This disc is associated with a computer programming course in RcComal80. It is assumed that this is for elementary school students on the later years. The name "EDB-kort" is nowadays called "IT-kørekort" and is Danish for "Computer course". The disk is not bootable and does not contain a menu system. A lot of the programs is very small and some does not produce an output. Larger applications includes a cardfile/database system with data on fake, non-existing people and a perspective drawing program that draws a house on the screen.



Figure 1: Kartoteksprogram (cardfile/database program)

Figure 2: One file in the cardfile program

Figure 3: A program that will print out various multiplication tables

Figure 4: Perspektivtegning - a program that will draw a house in perspective

Figure 5: Perspektivtegning - error message due to GSX not loaded

Figure 6: Perspektivtegning - finally a house on the screen!

Figure 7: A program that will calculate the gasoline cost of a car during a years use

Figure 8: A program that draws rectangles on the screen

Figure 9: Danish ELIZA-clone

Figure 10: Danish ELIZA-clone, part 2

Figure 11: Danish ELIZA-clone, part 3

Figure 12: Directory listing

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