Gæt en historie

Title Gæt en historie
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Authors Ebbe Raun
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


This educational software is about guessing words in a story. The student is presented with a screen of unknown words. The student can type in whole words or letters and if they match the story, the words will be revealed. A writing tool is also included for making new guessable stories. The software is written by Ebbe Raun and distributed by Programdatateket, Viborg Municipality. The disk is bootable.



Figure 1: The software was distributed by Programdatateket, Viborg municipality

Figure 2: Start of the program 'guesssto' (guess a story)

Figure 3: Waiting screen

Figure 4: Guess-a-story start screen

Figure 5: Information about the software

Figure 6: Menu

Figure 7: Chapter menu

Figure 8: 'Children and Leisure' stories

Figure 9: The story 'Den lille kat'

Figure 10: Guessing some words

Figure 11: More words entered

Figure 12: Help screen

Figure 13: 54% guessed

Figure 14: Letterhelp marks letters in words

Figure 15: Exiting the story guessing part

Figure 16: Loading 'indskrivningsdel' (writing part of the program)

Figure 17: Help

Figure 18: Menu

Figure 19: Directory listing

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