Hvorfor fejl i Dansk?

Title Hvorfor fejl i Dansk?
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Authors Data-Pro
Donated by Michael Holst-Olesen


"Why writing mistakes in Danish?", a grammar training software for the Danish language, by Data-Pro. The program is written in RcComal80. The disk is bootable. A version for the English language is also available.



Figure 1: Boot

Figure 2: Splash screen

Figure 3: Main menu

Figure 4: Loading an exercise

Figure 5: Settings before starting the exercise

Figure 6: Exercise, part 1

Figure 7: Exercise, part 2

Figure 8: Exercise, part 3

Figure 9: Exercise, part 4

Figure 10: New exercise

Figure 11: Directory listing

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