Title Layout
Categories Graphics, Office & Productivity
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Donated by Skt. Klemensskolen, Odense


A Danish graphics editor that also have some CAD functionality. Some of the features can be used in third-party programs in RcComal80 or Pascal.



Figure 1: Booting process

Figure 2: Main menu

Figure 3: Splash screen (Layout -- a graphics editor)

Figure 4: Menubar

Figure 5: Drawing menu

Figure 6: Edit menu

Figure 7: File menu

Figure 8: Tools menu

Figure 9: Help menu

Figure 10: Exit menu

Figure 11: Open file dialog

Figure 12: Amiga drawing

Figure 13: Piccoline drawing

Figure 14: Circuit symbols

Figure 15: Medical diagram of the human eye

Figure 16: Picture of boats

Figure 17: Directory listing

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