Model af datamaskine

Title Model af datamaskine
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17


A program written in RcComal80 that simulates a microcomputer like the RC759.



Figure 1: Boot screen

Figure 2: DUFA Odense splash screen

Figure 3: Introduction, part 1

Figure 4: Introduction, part 2

Figure 5: Turn on the computer by typing TÆND (danish, turn on)

Figure 6: The computer is now turning on

Figure 7: Load the interpreter by typing COMAL80

Figure 8: Load the program BEREGN (compute)

Figure 9: Choose between +, -, * or /

Figure 10: Enter integers between 0 and 99

Figure 11: Computing...

Figure 12: (Finally) Done!

Figure 13: Directory listing

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