PolyPascal v. 3.1

Title PolyPascal v. 3.1
Categories Programming Languages
Languages English
Systems RC759, RC750
Added 2016-04-17
Authors Poly Data Aps
Donated by Dansk Datahistorisk Forening (DDHF)


PolyPascal, the predecessor to Turbo Pascal. Official distribution copy from RC Computer, for the RC759 PICCOLINE. Works on the RC750 Partner as well.



Figure 1: Directory listing

Figure 2: PolyPascal command prompt

Figure 3: PolyPascal help (in Danish)

Figure 4: Information on the EDIT command

Figure 5: Sample program PRIMES.PAS opened in the editor

Figure 6: The rest of PRIMES.PAS source code

Figure 7: Output when running PRIMES.PAS

Figure 8: Sample program CALC.PAS

Figure 9: Compiling and running CALC.PAS

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