Title Tabeltræning
Categories Elementary School Educational Software
Languages Danish
Systems RC759
Added 2016-04-17
Donated by Skt. Klemensskolen, Odense


This disk boots up a multiplication table training program.



Figure 1: A very bright boot screen with a very old XIOS (version 1.2)

Figure 2: Show teacher's guide? (yes/no)

Figure 3: Teacher's guide, part 1

Figure 4: Teacher's guide, part 2

Figure 5: Teacher's guide, part 3

Figure 6: Teacher's guide, part 4

Figure 7: Teacher's guide, part 5

Figure 8: Main menu

Figure 9: Configure number of tables and problems

Figure 10: Student's name

Figure 11: Correct answer

Figure 12: Wrong answer

Figure 13: Another correct answer

Figure 14: Another wrong answer

Figure 15: Listing of wrong answers

Figure 16: Let's try the wrong problems once more

Figure 17: Correcting one of the answers

Figure 18: There was a single wrong answer!!

Figure 19: More students (yes/no)

Figure 20: Statistics part of the program

Figure 21: Statistics print out, part 1

Figure 22: Statistics print out, part 2

Figure 23: Remove statistics from the disk? yes/no

Figure 24: Directory listing

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